Spring Trip

2019 Spring Trip to Orlando, FL

We're excited to announce our 2019 spring trip plans to participate in the "You're Instrumental" and "Disney Sings" workshops! We will leave Wednesday, April 10th after school and return Monday, April 15th in the afternoon. The trip will include 3 days in Disney World, including our workshops, and 1 day at Universal Studios. Please read the Spring Trip Letter for more information and complete the necessary forms in a timely manner.

Medication Use:
The keys to success regarding medication administration are PRE-PLANNING and ORGANIZATION. Knowledge about HCPSS policy and a few "sooner rather than later" activities will make this year's trip even smoother. These include the following:

-Getting medication forms signed by a physician and submitted WITH MEDICATIONS; and
-Hosting at least one medication drop off session other than the hour before departure. Pledge Night is the perfect opportunity, with the make up session if necessary.

Medications Form is to be used for ALL medications, prescription or over-the-counter; MUST be signed by a physician. REQUIRED if your student needs or desires ANY medication (over-the-counter or prescription) while on the trip.
Here a some key points about medications as we move towards this year's Spring Trip.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications:
-Each student SHOULD have an over-the-counter (OTC) medication form on file that is SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN so that we will know what should be done for the three common ailments of headache, mild allergic reaction, and stomach ache. You are NOT REQUIRED to complete this form nor send in any OTC medications, however, not doing so might result in delayed treatment for your student for the three common ailments of headache, stomach ache, and mild allergic reaction. Another condition to consider, treated with OTC medication, is motion sickness.

-All OTC medication must be received in its ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER'S CONTAINER. To be in compliant with HCPSS policy. Each OTC medicine container must be labeled with the student's name. (See below about what is planned to facilitate receiving these medications.)

-A word about OTC medications... TRAVEL SIZES are greatly appreciated. In past years the nurse carried 11 bottles of Pepto-Bismol and administered not a drop! Pepto-Bismol tablets would have been lighter and easier to manage. Approximately 3 medications may potentially be carried for each student --> 180 students = over 500 medicine containers in all! The Maplelawn BP Market carries many types of OTC medications in travel-sized envelopes. These may be a bit more expensive than sending along bottles of medications, however there is no question about labeling with these medication envelopes and you will receive them back after the trip.

Prescription Medications
-Each student who requires prescription medications during the trip MUST have a prescription medication form on file that is SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN.

-All PRESCRIPTION medications must be received in a container labeled by a pharmacist with the student's name, medication's name, strength, dose, and dosing interval. SUGGESTION: Contact your pharmacist before the trip to get a portion of a current prescription counted out and labeled for the exact days of the trip. Discuss this with your pharmacist to be compliant with insurance plan requirements. Alternatively, you can count out doses and drop off a properly labeled bottle with enough doses for the trip. There is something to be said about keeping used-up prescription bottles (no active refills) as these are ideal. An empty prescription bottle may be returned to a student or thrown away but please note the prescription number in the event the empty bottle is lost if there are active refills on the prescription

-If a physician allows a student to self-administer medications (examples include: acne treatment/washes and asthma inhalers), only a form needs to be filed with "Student may self-administer" on it as the student will manage the medication. Some medications are not conducive to self-administration or are schedule (controlled) medications. NO schedule (controlled) medications can be "self-administered" even if the physician marks these as such. The trip nurse has final say about self-administered medications.

-If you have a HCPSS medication administration form on file in the health room (already signed by a physician) for the school year, the health assistant will provide a copy. You need NOT get another form signed by your physician just for the Spring Trip.

-The medication form must be SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN. This form is available by clicking on the link above. Please take this form to your physician for signature well before the trip.

-Please submit the medication form WITH your student's medications. Drop off nights will be announced.

-If any medication changes occur between submitting the medication forms and the trip, contact the trip nurse. Also, if your child visits the doctor in the weeks before the trip, take a form with you so it can be completed and submitted if necessary.

Medication Drop Off
-Medication Drop Off Night will be scheduled by the trip nurse.

-Medications cannot be accepted on the day of departure without special considerations. Departure is busy enough trying to get all the students, luggage, instruments, and equipment loaded - it is not the time to drop off medications. The trip nurse reviews EACH AND EVERY medication form PRIOR to the trip for safety of the students. If you have special circumstances, please contact the trip nurse to discuss options.

-Remember that you must supply all OTC medications as well as prescription medications for the trip. Labeled medications will be returned to you upon returning from the trip or soon thereafter.

-Remember that an adult must retrieve any unused medication; a student cannot carry any medication home that is not listed as "self-administer". Please do not violate this provision within the HCPSS policy.

-The trip nurse is especially interested in ALLERGIES and SPECIAL NEEDS for any student.

-For those parents who will also be chaperone's: You may carry and administer any medication to your child while on the trip. You need to have forms on file but can keep the medication(s) with you and administer on your own.

-As always, the trip nurse will be available for "consult" for any student or adult should an issue arise, including removing splinters!