Fruit Sale

The fruit sale for the 2017-18 school year is over. Thank you to those that participated.


The RHS Music Foundation Fruit Sale is a significant fundraiser adding cash directly to your student account for the Spring Trip. Fruit makes an excellent holiday gift and this year's sale includes special gift selections. This effort benefits not only you, but also every student in the RHS Music Department. Please see the attached form for ordering and more information.

The sale begins today and ends Thursday November 9, 2017. Orders will be picked up and processed on Nov 10, 2017.
Online Orders accepted through Nov 11th.

Online orders can be made at:

Please make checks payable to RHS Music Boosters

Delivery is anticipated during the week of Nov 27th. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED of the exact date and time for pick-up.

Thank you for your support. Orange you glad you decided to take part in this fundraiser!