Spring Trip Medication Information

-A Trip Nurse will be present during the Spring Trip. The Trip Nurse will administer medication to students as needed. He/she is especially interested in ALLERGIES and SPECIAL NEEDS for any student.

-As always, the Trip Nurse will be available for "consult" for any student or adult should an issue arise, including removing splinters!

-A Medication Form is REQUIRED if your student needs or desires ANY medication (over-the-counter or prescription) while on the trip. A physician MUST sign the Medication Form. Please take this form to your physician for signature well before the trip, remember to include all possible medications your student may need including over the counter and prescription medicines. Submit the medication form by March 1. Medication Drop-Off will take place at the Spring Trip Mandatory Pledge Meeting on April 1 at 7:00 pm in the RHS Auditorium.

-No student will be allowed to self-carry or administer their own medications over the counter or prescription unless it is an emergency medication such as inhaler or epi pen, or a topical cream such as acne cream or wash, and this MUST be noted on their physician signed medication form that they are able to self-carry the medication. The nurse will check in with all students that have a self-carry emergency medicine noted on their form.

-NO scheduled (controlled) medications can be "self-administered" including over the counter pills and liquids even if the physician marks these as such. The Trip Nurse has final say about self-administered medications.

-If you have a HCPSS medication administration form on file in the health room (already signed by a physician) for the school year and it is up to date with all medications the student will need, the health assistant will provide a copy. You DO NOT need to get another form signed by your physician solely for the Spring Trip.-If any medication changes occur between submitting the medication forms and the trip, contact the Trip Nurse. Also, if your child visits the doctor in the weeks before the trip, take a form with you so it can be completed and submitted if necessary.

-Parent chaperones may carry and administer any medication to their child while on the trip. You need to have forms on file but can keep the medication(s) with you and administer on your own.

-Each student SHOULD have a medication form that is SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN so that we will know how to treat the common ailments of headache, mild allergies, stomachache and motion sickness. You are NOT REQUIRED to complete this form nor send in any OTC medications; however, not doing so might result in delayed treatment for your student.

-Students must provide any OTC medications needed and have the over the counter medicines listed on a physician signed medication form. All OTC medication must be in its ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER'S CONTAINER and labeled with the student’s name. Details of administration must be on the medication form.

-A word about OTC medications... The nurse will travel with all medications at all times during the trip. Smaller quantities or travel size envelopes if possible are greatly appreciated. These may be more expensive but you will receive back all leftover medicine at the end of the trip. Do NOT send liquids unless absolutely necessary. Approximately 3 medications may potentially be carried for each student --> 180 students = over 500 medicine containers in all!

-Each student who requires prescription medications during the trip MUST have a prescription medication form that is SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN.

-All PRESCRIPTION medications must be in a container labeled by a pharmacist with the student's name, medication's name, strength, dose, dosing interval, and administration route.(oral, topical etc.)

-Suggestion: Depending on insurance plan requirements, possibly contact your pharmacist before the trip to get a portion of a current prescription counted out and labeled for the trip. Depending on urgency of the medication, consider supplying a couple extra doses in case a dose is dropped or there is an extension time on the trip for unseen reasons. An empty prescription bottle may be returned to a student or thrown away but please note the prescription number in the event the empty bottle is lost if there are active refills on the prescription. May use old bottle and count out dose for trip as long as the bottle label with instructions matches the current medication form.

-The Trip Nurse will schedule Medication Drop-Off times and dates closer to the trip. Please look for these to be announced.

-Medications cannot be accepted on the day of departure without special considerations. Departure is very hectic and is not the time to drop off medications. The Trip Nurse reviews EACH AND EVERY medication form and makes an administration schedule sheet for each day of the trip PRIOR to the trip for safety of the students. If you have special circumstances, please contact the Trip Nurse to discuss options.

-Check with Trip Nurse and retrieve any unused medications upon your students return. Remember that an adult must retrieve any unused medication; a student cannot carry any medication home that is not listed as "self-administer". Please do not violate this provision within the HCPSS policy.

Trip Nurse Contact Information
Tish Filomena
301-503-5468 text or call
Email: cherrytish@comcast.net